Backup generators are particularly important investments for Milwaukee homes. Essentially, a backup generator supplies power to your home when your usual power supply goes down, allowing you to supply from your own source. Indeed, there are many reasons to add a backup generator to your house. However, they are a convenience that can be easy to overlook when not needed. You might be tempted to turn your home improvement and upgrading efforts to more pressing needs. But, you actually shouldn’t wait to have Integrated Building Systems install a backup generator. After all, you never know when you will need one most and be left without the plethora of conveniences it would provide. 

You Never Know When You Will Need It

The most simple reason to not wait on backup generator installation is that you never can predict when you will need it. Many homeowners tend to prioritize immediate needs, but a backup generator can become an immediate need on any day. Whether due to a scheduled rolling power outage, a downed tree, a malfunctioning transformer, or a major storm knocking out the electricity, the need for a backup generator often hits swiftly. The best course of action is to be prepared well in advance of any such occurrence. 

You Don’t Want To Be Left In The Dark

One of the most unsettling and downright inconvenient aspects of unexpected power outages, no matter what their cause, is being without electricity in your home. Not only are you left without light and internet, you also risk your entire cooled and frozen food supply. This food loss can be costly for even an average family with a relatively stocked refrigerator, but it can be incredibly financially burdensome for those who keep a secondary fridge for meats and other products. No matter what your approach to keeping food in your house, a backup generator will guarantee against these kinds of losses. A backup generator will allow you to supply power to your primary refrigerator and any backup ones as well as your lamps and computers. Basically, a backup generator can allow you to continue living your life during an otherwise inconvenient time.  

A Backup Generator Can Save Your Home

Beyond convenience and saved money, a backup generator can actually save your home in some circumstances. Consider the sump pump that you likely have in your Milwaukee-area home. These hard workers keep moisture away from your home’s foundation and are critical during heavy rainfall and storms. Unfortunately, those times are when your power is most likely to go out unexpectedly. If that happens and your sump pump is powered by a wall outlet, your foundation and your basement can start accumulating water very quickly and lead to a serious flooding situation. While they can fail for a few different reasons, sump pumps tend to stop working because of power outages and failed backup batteries. However, with a backup generator, you can simply power it up and keep your sump pump going about its important job of keeping your home and you safe from flood waters. 

Turn To Integrated Building Systems To Install A Backup Generator In Your Home

Waiting for the unexpected power outage to occur is waiting too long to have a backup generator installed in your Milwaukee home. Instead, plan ahead and contact Integrated Building Systems today to inquire about having us install a backup generator ASAP.  Our master electricians have over 20 years of experience so are your best choice for the job! Check out our full range of residential electrical services and contact us today to inquire about backup generator installation to make you better prepared for the unexpected.