Milwaukee QMotion Roller Shade Installation

Looking for wireless motorized shades to add an extra touch of comfort and functionality to your home or business? QMotion shade systems offer a luxurious, practical, and energy efficient solution to older manual shades. QMotion features an award-winning design and engineering solution to assure a versatile and straightforward shading system that can be used in many applications for homeowners and businesses looking to upgrade their interior design and functionality.

QMotion Roller Shades are Cost Effective and Energy Efficient

Many customers end up choosing QMotion shades for the unique features they have to offer when it comes to saving money the smart way.

  • Low voltage hardwired shades: customers can choose to connect their shades to their home’s power. We provide custom and clean installation of each unit with no visible wires. Our shades take very little power to run because of its advanced engineering.
  • Battery operated shades with no need for wires: our design guarantees minimal hassle. We offer shades that take standard D batteries and AA batteries so that you don’t have to go through the troubles of finding obscure battery types to get them to function. Our shades run on very little power. Because of this, a single shade can last up to 1-2 years on one set of batteries while some cases have been shown to last as much as five years!
  • You can upgrade from manual to battery power: thinking about making the switch to battery-powered shades? We can help you with the installation process so that you can remotely control your roller shades.
  • Weather insulation: if you’re in a hot climate or a location with freezing temperatures, QMotion shades can help reduce utility costs from weather leakage of both extremes. Our honeycomb shades offer excellent insulation from outdoor heat and freezing temperatures.
  • Blocks UV light, sun glare, and excessive light: we have shade styles that can help you with blocking out sun glare and harmful UV light rays while still giving you the ability to have an excellent view of the outdoors. All of our shade styles have the smallest light gap in the industry which will add to the effectiveness of light blockage. This is thanks to our slimline brackets; our shades reduce the side light gaps to a minimum of 1/2″ on each side.
  • QMotion is cheaper than its competitors: there are other types of automatic shade systems on the market. Our shades are the best bang for your buck when it comes to reliability and performance!

Wireless Control and App Integration

QMotion roller shade installation gives customers many different options to choose from when it comes to the operation of their roller shades. Customers can download:

  • Mobile app for Androids and iPhones
  • Connectivity to Amazon Echo Plus
  • Multiple wireless remote controls and accessories for range extension, synchronization, security, and more!

Manual Override Operation

On top of giving users the ability to remotely control their shades with a variety of devices, QMotion offers its patented manual override feature; this allows users to safely operate their motorized shades with a simple downward tug at the base of the unit. Built into the design is an advanced feature that allows users to pull the shade without the risk of damaging the internal components. This is great for childproofing your home or business space and protecting the internal motors from visitors who are unaware of how to operate your shades.

For High-Quality Services, Call Integrated Building Systems Today

Why do customers choose us for professional roller shade installation?

Our licensed electricians work hard to make sure that you receive quality service. We guarantee high-quality professionalism to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the outcome of our work.
In addition to our friendly presence and strong work ethic, we don’t just get the job done, we do it right! This includes things like:
Proper wiring and installation: we pay close attention to detail to make sure that your automatic shades are installed properly and that there is no exposed or messy wiring, to ensure optimal design and minimal hazards.
We provide free estimates: before you commit to a project, we give you an estimate and project timeline free of charge!
We get the job done in an efficient and timely manner: our professionals are effective at what they do. To achieve this, we perform proper preparation before and at the work site. We are organized and clean as possible with all of our projects while completing the task at hand within its projected timeline. After the project is complete, we make sure not to leave any mess behind and conduct all safety measures when our work is completed.

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