About Integrated Building Systems

Owner Darren Kalal

The Experts at IBS Work with a Greater Passion

Master electrician Darren Kalal, who has served as the Managing Member of Integrated Building Systems since 2009, brings to his job enthusiasm, precision, curiosity, and an unbridled love of the latest technologies. Moreover, the entire Integrated electrician services team shares those qualities and passions. As a result, we consistently provide individuals, families, and businesses throughout the greater Milwaukee area with customized, reliable, and cutting-edge systems. On top of that, we can meet practically any budget that a client establishes for them.

We Care About Our Client’s Needs

That combination of expertise and flexible pricing makes Integrated Building Systems unique among its Wisconsin competitors. Indeed, this electrician services team treats every job as though it’s the most important assignment that we’ve ever tackled. That philosophy applies to their massive corporate projects, and it applies to instances in which we wire rooms within private residences. In short, all of their customers reap the benefits of their many years of experience, and from their philosophy of doing it right the first time.

Given the sterling reputation that Integrated Building Systems has cultivated over the years, the company has attracted some of the state’s most renowned lighting establishments, architectural firms, interior designers, and audio-visual brands as partners. Consequently, its employees are always able to utilize top-notch sound systems, light fixtures, solar panels, and other sophisticated pieces of equipment at discounted rates.

To state it simply, it’s crucial to hire outstanding professionals to install or maintain your electrical systems. High-quality electrical work can conserve energy while being cost-effective. With that in mind, perhaps what Integrated Building Systems offers above all is peace of mind. When you trust this affordable company’s electrical experts with your systems integration needs, you can feel confident that your home or workplace will be outfitted with the safest, best-performing, and most durable electrical systems available.

You can become an Integrated Building Systems customer if you live in any of the following communities in southeastern Wisconsin or their surrounding areas: Brookfield, Delafield, Dousman, Elm Grove, Mequon, Milwaukee, Mukwonago, Muskego, New Berlin, Oconomowoc, Okauchee, Pewaukee, Sussex, and Waukesha. Please feel free to contact the company at any time to discuss any project that you might have in mind.

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