Ceiling Fan Installation Milwaukee

Ceiling fans are great for achieving a comfortable, cool breeze while saving money on the high energy costs from air conditioning usage while adding to the room’s overall design and decor. Our electricians at Integrated Building Systems provide professional ceiling fan installation services for home and business owners in the Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Not only can we help you with getting a new ceiling fan installed, but we also offer replacement of an old light fixture for a new ceiling fan.

Why Should You Invest in a New Ceiling Fan?

Here are some of the benefit of installing a ceiling fan:

  • Save on energy costs in the summer: Ceiling fans are by far more cost-effective than central air systems and air conditioning units which will help you save on utility bills in the long run. In addition, modern light fixture fans are typically very silent while circulating the surrounding air in the room compared to older fans, and they are definitely more silent than air conditioners.
  • Enhance Interior design: ceiling fans come in countless styles and unique designs. A fan can go a long way when it comes to adding to the overall presentation of the room it’s in after remodeling. The right ceiling fan design can accommodate the design flow of virtually any room’s theme since there is a multitude of options to choose from; things like fan-size, materials, finishes, and fixture styles are things to consider when purchasing a new fan to fit your living space.
  • An added source of light: your fan will not only cool your room, but it will make it more bright; how can you beat that? Most ceiling fans provide lighting. Some fans do not provide lighting, but we can fix that.

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Why do customers choose us for local ceiling fan services?

Our licensed electricians work hard to make sure that you receive quality service. We guarantee high-quality and professional service to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the outcome of our work.
In addition to our friendly presence and strong work ethic, we don’t just get the job done, we do it right! This includes things like:
Proper installation of the unit: we pay close attention to detail and make sure that the ceiling fan is installed properly and is flush with the ceiling to ensure optimal balance to reduce wobble, excessive vibrations, and unwanted noises.
We get the job done in an efficient and timely manner: our professionals are effective at what they do. In order to achieve this, we perform proper preparation before and at the work site. We are as organized and clean as possible with all of our projects while completing the task at hand within its projected timeline. After the project is complete, we make sure not to leave any mess behind and conduct all safety measures when our work is completed.

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