Integrated Building Systems specializes in bringing solar power to Milwaukee. We strongly believe in the power of solar energy to revolutionize our world, and advances in technology have only increased that power. You probably know that solar power is a sustainable alternative to traditional electrical systems for powering homes and businesses. But, you may not know some of the details about solar power systems that make them such an appealing and smart investment for property owners. 

1. There Is More Than One Kind Of Solar Power

You may not know that there are a variety of types of solar power, each with its own purpose and approach to generating solar energy for buildings. 

Types of Solar Energy Offered By Integrated Building Systems: 

  • Solar PV: This name stands for “Photovoltaic Solar Power” panels. These panels are constructed of aluminum, glass, and silicon wafers. They are used for both residential and commercial buildings throughout the Milwaukee area.  
  • Solar Thermal Systems: Panels in these systems use energy from the sun to heat water that is stored for use in the future. They are used throughout Wisconsin. 
  • Solar Air Heating Systems: Panels in these systems are used to collect solar heat that in turn activates a motorized fan that heats circulating air from the building’s interior. These systems are used in both homes and commercial buildings as alternatives to traditional air conditioning units. 

2. There Are Great Financial Incentives 

If you are interested in having solar panels installed on your residential or commercial property, there are some financial benefits and options to consider. First, some of the available financing options are outstanding. At Integrated Building Systems, we offer Green Penny, which is financing focused on increasing access to sustainability efforts. So, installation affordability does not have to be a barrier to accessing the numerous benefits of solar energy. 

One of those benefits is the money you save through decreased utility costs from month to month. When your solar panels are installed and they begin to generate electricity for your home or business, your traditional energy bill will drop, sometimes dramatically, saving you a lot of money. 

Finally, there are additional tax credits to incentivize property owners to shift to solar energy. The solar tax credit for homeowners can reduce federal income taxes by $1,000. And the solar tax credit for businesses has a number of benefits and options, including reducing the tax liability of federal income based on percentages of the cost of solar panel installation. 

3. Solar Panels Are Impressively Long Lasting

In addition to being incredibly environmentally friendly and offering a variety of ways to save you money, solar panels have an impressively long lifespan. That means that solar panels are an investment you can count on for years to come without worrying about replacement cost and hassle. While they can last for much longer, the average solar panel functions at its highest capacity for 25 to 30 years. To ensure this longevity, you will simply need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on maintenance schedules to both clean the panels and check for any issues with their functionality. Otherwise, you can sit back and let your solar system do the work of powering your home or business. 

Learn More About Solar Power

Solar power is certainly the future of alternative electricity as well as heating and cooling systems. Integrated Building Systems knows this, so we have invested in making solar energy more readily available to home and business owners throughout Milwaukee. Now is the time to make this smart financial decision and have solar panels installed on your property. Still not convinced? Read about why more Milwaukee homeowners are investing in solar panel installation.