Aqua Air Central Vacuum Systems Milwaukee


Aqua Air central vacuum systems are engineered with cutting-edge technology for superior cleaning convenience and efficiency. Unlike other built-in vacuum systems, this advanced wet/dry central vacuum system sweeps, mops and air dries hard surfaces all at once.

Aqua Air Wet/Dry Vacuum System Design

The Aqua Air total cleaning system employs a stainless steel wand that scrubs and squeegees floors while simultaneously sucking the dirty water back into the tank. Due to its unique cleaning and lifting capabilities, these wet/dry central vac systems also protect against grout blackening from dirty mop water which traditional mops recycle back onto your floors. Traditional mop cleaning has actually proven to be counterproductive since the traces of soap left behind actually attract dirt which compounds the problem. With the Aqua Air system dirty water is lifted from the floor leaving a clean, dry surface and reducing intervals between cleaning.

Once the Aqua Air unit is unplugged, the tank empties the dirty water right down the drain, freeing you from lifting and splashing heavy buckets of dirty water during the disposal process. The wet/dry vacuum system design also includes an inexpensive debris screen, which filters dirt and grime through while preventing large or valuable objects from sneaking past. Learn more about these incredible total cleaning central vacuum systems by watching our Aqua Air Built in Vacuum System Video Aqua Air System video.

Shop Vacuum Systems from Aqua Air

Shop vacuum systems from Aqua Air right now and experience the incredible difference this intelligent wet/dry central vacuum can make in your home or business. Integrated Building Systems consistently provides our customers with superior Aqua Air system installation at the fairest prices. We are your premier system integrators.

Commercial Vacuum and Industrial Vacuum Systems: Aqua Air is the Answer

Aqua Air systems consistently prove to be the best Wisconsin total cleaning central vacuum system in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry. Aqua Air sweeps, mops, dries and continually sucks away dirty water to leave you with a superior clean in record time. The Aqua Air system is not only ideal for home vacuum systems but is also the best solution for commercial cleaning. This high tech wet/dry central vac will save you time, money and improve safety. Since Aqua Air dries floors in seconds, industrial fans and wet floor warning cones become an unsightly inconvenience of the past. The risk of workers compensation and other negligence lawsuits from slips and falls are virtually eliminated.

Integrated Building Systems has installed Aqua Air systems in state parks, automotive facilities, restaurants and bars, nursing homes, day care facilities, as well as veterinary clinics and other medical facilities. Our customers have found Aqua Air to be more than a convenience, but a relied upon necessity. We’re confident you will too.

Green Cleaning from Aqua Air

The Aqua Air total cleaning central vacuum system is the ultimate in green cleaning. Due to its revolutionary cleaning technology, the Aqua Air wet/dry central vac uses far less cleaning products than traditional means, which saves you from perpetually purchasing mops, buckets, brooms and other standard or specialty cleaning products. Plus, traditional mop cleaning has been proven to be counterproductive since the traces of soap left behind actually attract dirt, further compounding the problem. With the Aqua Air system you can do away with harmful cleaning products as the simple use of Aqua Air’s clean and fresh water will loosen and expertly clean sticky or ground-in stains. Aqua Air instantly lifts dirty water from the floor leaving a clean, dry surface and reducing intervals between cleaning for ultimate convenience.

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