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“Almost 20 units in our condo building had EV charging outlets installed, and Darren and his team ensured it was completed timely and effectively.  From the planning stage to city inspection, Darren and team ensured everything flowed smoothly.  I would highly recommend contacting Darren for any electrical work, and he will be one of my top choices for any electrical work I need done in the future.”
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Milwaukee EV Charger Installation

Owning an electric vehicle is the best option to choose when finding a solution for saving money on gas prices because it simply removes the costs of gas completely.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many local options for charging stations for your electric vehicle, and your OEM charger port may not be strong enough for your individual needs.

Types of EV Charger Levels

• Level One (120 volts):

This level uses power from the standard household outlets at 120 volts and is the charger that comes with your vehicle.

• Level Two (240 volts):

This form of charging is much quicker than the standard form that comes with your car.  To achieve this, and EVSE unit would need to be professionally installed.

• Level Three (DC high-speed charging):

DC charging stations are incredibly fast. The typical public electric vehicle charging station uses level three.