Cogeneration Systems

If you are a large energy consumer you might want to consider having a Co-Generation system installed that can eliminate all the on-demand power spikes you are being penalized for each month. Or you may decide that enough is enough and you want to become energy independent. In this case, we have Co-Generation systems available that can be sized to completely provide all your electrical power needs. The cost in many cases to produce a kilowatt of electricity from a Co-Generation system is much less than current Utility rates being paid for the same kilowatt of electricity. There are additional advantages to producing your own power this way.

Why cogeneration is more efficient than conventional coal power plants

With a coal fired power plant, more than half the energy input is wasted. Cogeneration reduces the primary energy demand by 36%

Making Solar Power and Co-Generation Systems Affordable

Producing your own power is not a dream of the future but a reality of today. With advances in technology, we can now lower your electric bill considerably or completely. How by using the power of the Sun you too can have a solar power energy system that will offset your current energy usage during the day when energy rates are at their highest. If you have average to good credit you WILL qualify for one of many available leasing or financing options. Why keep sending all your hard earned money to the Utility. There is never a return on the money you send into the Utility each month. All the benefit is long gone, and you are no further ahead. Each and every month just like clockwork a new electric bill! Investing in your own solar system, in simple terms, is basically prepaying for your future energy needs at today’s prices. Once the system is paid for, all the energy it produces after that is free. Now if you were to allocate the same amount of money each month, and many times considerably less, towards a Solar lease or loan at least your money will be spent on equipment that you will eventually own and that can be put to good use for years after the system has been paid for. Also, there are Tax Credits, Depreciation, and other local incentives you may qualify for that can even lower your system overall cost.

The Benefits

  • More “ON” time. You will have a steady and predictable power supply, that is not affected by storms or lightning or accidents hitting a power line or knocking down a power pole. Power outages will be a thing of the past.
  • In the event, your system needs to be temporarily turned off or electrical demands become temporarily to large for the generator to handle the electrical service will seamlessly draw power from the grid. You will never be totally disconnected from your existing power provider.
  • If you ever considered having back up power or an emergency power source this is the way to do it. Why purchase a generator that just sits and waits to be used. A generator that is not being used is a waste of capital. Many generators exercise themselves each week or month but when put under load they bog down and turn off. This will not happen when the generator is running all the time.
  • The by-product of a running generator is HOT WATER! Plenty of it! If your facility currently uses hot water for interior space heating, domestic water for showers, laundry or pool heating you can stop paying for the fuel source to do this. The Co-Gen system is looking for areas to dump all of its hot water. Depending on the efficiency of your existing systems In many cases we have found that the natural gas saved by not heating all this water is equal to the energy needed to run the Co-gen system.
  • Trying to Budget for a future boiler or water heater? Don’t if your current equipment still works in a reliable fashion. consider keeping it as a back up to a Co-Gen system. Since a Co-Gen can only produce hot water when it is generating electricity you might need to have a backup system to offset the water heating demand. This would only be a limited need so the efficiency of the existing system is not as important.
  • Yes, a Co-Gen system can be leased or financed with little to no out of pocket expense. To get the process started simply send me a copy of your current electrical and gas bills. Tell us a little about the hours of operation and use of your facility and we will provide you, at no cost, a system cost analysis to see how much savings you could expect from a Co-Generation System.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar Power Installation Combines Quality and Affordability. Most solar panel companies are profit-driven and determine the cost of solar panel installation based on how much they think you’ll shell out. Integrated Building Systems is different. We believe in making the world a better and safer place by improving Wisconsin one solar project at a time. We seek to improve the environment while reducing your energy costs and providing you with independence from the insatiable utility companies. Integrated Building Systems specializes in all kinds of solar power installation but we always give you the fairest price to make it an affordable investment that will last a lifetime.

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