We respect the pioneering spirit that prompts people to attempt DIY home repairs and upgrades. But, it is important to recognize when it’s best to leave a job to the professionals because of the project’s potential risk. Service panel upgrades are one of those projects. If you think your Milwaukee area home might need a service panel upgrade, read on to learn why you should hire an electrician for this job. 

What is a Service Panel?

Before we get into the benefits of hiring an electrician for your service panel upgrade, let’s make sure we are on the same page about what a service panel is! An electrical service panel is the central electrical unit of your home; it connects the wires from your service provider to the wires inside your house. It monitors and regulates the electrical power throughout your house, so it is essential for proper and safe electrical functioning. 

An additional function of the service panel is the breaker box inside. You may remember the breaker box from any time you have accidentally tripped a breaker by running too many appliances at the same time, requiring you to flip a switch back into place to restore power to that area of your home. 

There are a variety of reasons for a service panel upgrade. The basics are things like mysteriously flickering lights, not having enough power to run essential appliances, needing a larger panel for home additions or remodeling, or simply because the panel is showing signs of aging.

Familiarity with Codes

One of the most practical reasons to hire an electrician for a service panel upgrade is their familiarity with all current local building and remodeling codes that pertain to electrical safety. This familiarity will help keep you and your family safe and help ensure the value and marketability of your property. 

There are numerous local codes pertaining to residential electrical services and precisely how they are configured. For example, homes are required to run on at least 100 amps [some older houses still do not!]. There are even building codes that determine where an electrical panel can be housed within the home. Whatever the code violation or potential for a code violation may be, your electrician will be well-informed and can offer suggestions for navigating that situation.  

Expertise to Handle the Unexpected 

More than with the majority of renovation and upgrade projects, upgrading a service panel can lead to a number of unexpected hassles. One such hassle is discovering you need a permit for service upgrades. A licensed electrician will be able to accurately assess your home’s electrical needs from the start of the project and pull the appropriate permits for that work. 

A licensed electrician will help you determine if you would benefit from upgrading additional components of your electrical system while upgrading the electrical panel. For example, it may be difficult for you to determine on your own if just the panel needs replacing or if the house actually needs a complete rewire or at least some new circuits. Leaving an electrical service panel upgrade to the professionals will ensure that you don’t encounter any insurmountable problems. 

Contact Integrated Building Systems for a Service Panel Upgrade

A service panel upgrade is probably a great idea if your home is on the older side or if you have noticed any of the problems mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to reach out about any electrical concerns you have. We recommend taking action sooner rather than later to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your home safe and functioning at its highest capacity. Contact Integrate Building Systems for a service panel upgrade.