Solar energy is a wonderful option for anyone looking to make an environmental impact while also lowering their electricity bill. When looking into solar panel installation company options, it can be difficult to know where to start or what to prioritize. Thankfully, the professional electricians at Integrated Building Systems in Milwaukee know a thing or two about high-quality solar energy and can help you understand what to seek out.  

Different Types of Solar Offered

When researching solar panel companies, prioritize the ones that offer different types of solar panels. Offering a range of solar panel systems, each with different advantages, will ensure that you can choose the best type of solar for your circumstances and setting. 

Integrated Building Systems offers three major categories of solar energy technology: Photovoltaic Solar Power (Solar PV), Solar Thermal Systems, and Solar Air Heating Systems. Each solar energy system has different requirements for optimum functionality as well as different solar output advantages.  

Solar PV panels require a decent amount of yard or roof space and can fuel an entire home for a year. Due to their impressive durability, solar PV panels often come with 25-year warranties. Solar thermal systems use energy from the sun to heat hot water supplies through solar heating panels. And solar air heating systems are used to provide heat to a home or business. 

Commitment To Solar Education 

Along with offering a variety of solar energy technologies, the best solar professionals will also demonstrate a commitment to solar education. Though many people understand that solar power is greatly beneficial, many do not understand how it works or just how advantageous it is. 

At Integrated Building Systems, we take every opportunity to educate our customers so they are empowered to make informed decisions about solar energy investment. When done correctly, solar panel installation is a long-term investment for a home or business. As such, we want you to feel confident about your knowledge of solar energy advancements. 

Financing Options

A solar energy company that is committed to solar education will likely also be committed to increasing solar energy access. One of the main ways to improve access to solar installation for businesses and homeowners is through financing options

When you choose Integrated Building Systems for your solar energy project, we offer various solar loan options with different terms and conditions. We partner with Clean Energy Federal Credit Union to offer loans up to $90,000 with fixed interest rates. This option opens up solar energy for many homeowners who would not otherwise be able to finance such an upgrade.   

Choose The Right Solar Panel Installation Company

If you have decided to have solar panels installed at your home or business, be sure to choose the solar panel installation company that will provide you with the best customer service and expertise. Integrated Building Systems is committed to providing you with the right solar system for your purposes, to further educating customers on the tremendous value of solar energy, and expanding access so more people can partake. Reach out to Integrated Building Systems today to learn more and to request a free quote on a solar energy installation!