With more than 1.18 million electric vehicles currently being driven in the US, there is no doubt that this trend will continue to grow. In fact, sales increased by 81% from 2017 to 2018 and continue to steadily climb each year. If you have purchased a new electric vehicle or are considering it, one of the first things you’ll need to establish is how you’re going to charge it. Of course, there are charging stations located here and there, but having one where you live is by far the most convenient way to way to keep your vehicle charged. As a Milwaukee EV outlet installation provider, we can help you navigate this! Read on for the essential things to consider when it comes to EV home charger installation.

Can You Install the Charger Yourself?

The majority of electric and plugin-hybrid vehicles should automatically come with a Level 1 charging stations. If you don’t plan on driving long distances on a regular basis or have a vehicle with limited range, it’s possible that’s all you will need. However, if you need to drive a lot of miles each day you should plan on consuming much of your battery power. If that’s the case, you will want to upgrade to a Level 2 charging station. DIYers are always tempted to YouTube how to get a task done on their own, but this is one project we highly recommend outsourcing. Why?

If you have never done it before, it will be difficult to fully understand how everything works. Wiring a 240 volt 50/60 amp outlet on your own is a complicated task that contains a lot of pitfalls if you don’t know the electrical code. The wall charger is an advanced piece of technology that should really be installed by an experienced electrician. Now, if you have a background in fiddling with wires and comparable technology, you may have enough experience under your belt to tackle this project. Here’s what you will need to know if that is indeed the case:

  • Do I have the available power in my existing electrical panel or will I need to upgrade it first?
  • If I have enough power in my panel do I have any available breaker space to fit another

240 Volt breaker?

  • Will I ever want to have enough power to charge two electric vehicles? If yes, what is the approach to facilitate this?
  • Is my garage detached? A detached garage adds a lot of difficulties but also a lot of great potential to do it right the first time. Let us show you how.
  • The make/model of the plugin vehicle you want to charge.
  • Where the closest electric panel is in relation to your home or parking spot.
  • The electric range of your vehicle or the longest distance you expect to drive it on a regular basis.
  • How fast you will need your charger to do its job (this will help to determine what level of charger you require) and what sized circuit you will need to install.
  • The capacity of the electrical circuit you will be using (which will also determine the charger you can use).
  • The level of durability you’re looking for. If you expect to be driving an electric vehicle far into the future maybe it’s better to discuss this with a qualified electrician who can provide you with options to future proof your installation you may not even be considering.
  • How long of a charging cord you require.
  • If you’re parking outdoors, you will need an outdoor rating.

Utilizing Milwaukee EV Home Charger Installation Services

If you’re looking to find the best provider for EV home charger installation the easiest way is to go with the one who has demonstrated excellence at a value. You can find installers like that by searching online for EV charger installers with great reviews from your friends and neighbors. Some EV charger providers offer a bundled package (which includes installation). This may seem convenient at first but what do you know about this installer? However, if that isn’t available to you, there are likely dependable companies to turn to in your area. To ensure you’re going with a solid service provider, consider the following.

Experience & Safety Awareness is Key

Installing an EV charger safely requires enough expertise to be able to navigate your home’s electrical system and the charger itself safely. Ask the installer how many years they have been providing installation services and the risks associated with the process. An experienced company can demonstrate its capabilities and confidence in handling the job through its ability to provide you with multiple solutions and reviews from several satisfied customers.

Compliance & Being Fully Certified

When you opt for using an experienced EV home charger installer you can be confident that you’re in compliance with national regulations. Usually, the electrician will certify the installation once it’s complete by pulling an electrical permit and having the local electrical inspector come and check his work. Once passed this will validate that everything has been installed safely and in full compliance with the code.

Quality of Service

A dependable installation company will prioritize customer service and part of that is guaranteeing high-quality service. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions and poke around the internet to learn more about the company’s reputation.

Contact Us for Milwaukee EV Charger Installation

Integrated Building Systems has been providing Milwaukee and the surrounding communities with expert electrical services at an affordable price since 2009. As there aren’t many local charging stations in the Milwaukee area, we have provided many local residents with EV charger installation where they live. Our licensed electricians work hard to provide high-quality service and professionalism so our customers are always satisfied with the outcome of our work. Contact us to set up an appointment or learn more about an EV charger installation today!