If you run a business in Milwaukee, don’t overlook the significance of your lighting choices. Selecting the right lighting for your commercial space can make a serious impact on the overall success of your company, in terms of both customer/client perception and financial health. But, how do you know when to take action on your lighting situation? Here we explore 4 signs that it is time for a commercial lighting upgrade. 

1. The Interior of Your Business Looks Dull

One of the first indicators that your space is in need of a commercial lighting upgrade is dull or gloomy lighting. Dusty lighting with little or no warmth can have a negative impact on your customers’ experience. In fact, poor lighting can drive down sales in a retail space. 

On the other hand, well-designed lighting that is warm and inviting can attract more people into the space, creating more potential customers. Choosing lighting that is both appealing and able to draw attention to the inventory will make a positive impact on your customers’ experience and your sales. 

2. The Space Is Always Hot 

A retail space that is too hot is a no-no. Because a primary goal should be creating an inviting space that customers will enjoy spending time in, you want to mitigate any problems that might cause discomfort, like an overly-hot setting. Of course, other issues than lighting can lead to an overheated retail space, such as a malfunctioning furnace or too much direct sunlight. But, it might not be immediately obvious if your lighting is causing or contributing to overheating.

If your commercial space runs hot, it may very well be time for a commercial lighting upgrade to LED. This lighting choice is considered excellent for retail stores in particular because it provides that combination of visual appeal and the ability to highlight inventory. LED lights also produce less heat and operate up to 30,000 hours longer than other forms of electrical lighting.

3. Your Energy Bill Is HIGH

Another sign that your commercial space might need a lighting upgrade is a high or persistently increasing energy bill. If your energy bill is higher than it should be, consider that lighting is often a major component of your overall energy consumption. Older lighting fixtures and traditional bulbs also consume much more energy than necessary. 

Consider that switching to LED lighting can drastically reduce that consumption and lower your electrical lighting expenses by up to 50-70%. That means significant energy bill savings as well as a more environmentally friendly operation. The cost of the upgrade is well worth it when you consider these factors. However, if you are concerned about the upgrade expense, there are financing options to consider that can make this important business decision more feasible. 

4. You Often Need An Electrician

Another financial expense that might alert you to the need for a lighting upgrade is frequently turning to an electrician. If outages, tripped circuit breakers, and worn-out bulbs are commonplace in your business, your lighting system is likely outdated and may be overpowering the energy capacity of your commercial space.

Upgrading your lighting to a lower-consumption LED and possibly having the space rewired are some of the best ways to ensure your lighting system is up to code and functioning as efficiently as possible.

Contact Integrated Building Systems for Your Commercial Lighting Upgrade

If you have experienced any of these or related issues, it may be time for a commercial lighting upgrade. Integrated Building Systems offers services for new retail build-outs as well as already-established spaces. We also have the knowledge and experience to do the job right and leave your space beautifully lit and energy efficient. For commercial lighting upgrades in Milwaukee, contact us today!