There are many reasons to hire a residential electrician. After all, electrical work is no easy feat, and even a minor miscalculation when it comes to DIY electrical repairs can be costly and even dangerous for you and your family. At IBS, we always recommend leaving electrical work to the professionals. However, there are a few situations in which it is particularly valuable to hire a Milwaukee residential electrician for electrical work in your home. 

Installation of Major Electrical Equipment

As mentioned above, electrical work can be potentially dangerous. This danger is particularly apparent when it comes to major installations and electrical additions to the home. These installations can be complex and the margin for error is slim. Such electrical projects include generator installation and EV charger installations

If you don’t already know, the benefits of installing a backup generator are numerous. They offer a backup electrical supply that can power your house during an outage caused by weather events or scheduled rolling blackouts. As such, they can save you significant money by protecting your food supply, and they can provide comfort and safety to you and your family. It is crucial that a generator be installed properly so it will actually work when you need it. In addition to skilled installation, IBS can advise you on the best generator option for your home, from propane to natural gas, as well as what brand of generator to choose. 

EV charger installations are just another of many electrical upgrades that should be conducted by a professional electrician to guarantee it is done correctly. Our professional electricians will provide proper wiring and installation, making sure there are no hazards such as exposed wires, and that everything is up to local codes. Additionally, we can complete the installation in a timely and efficient manner so you can rely on the completion of this exciting home upgrade. 

Repair & Maintenance of a Major Electrical Appliance

In addition to hiring a professional electrician for the installation of major electrical equipment and outlets, we also recommend doing so for repairs of major electrical appliances. If something has gone awry with a major electrical appliance, it may be a sign that something is wrong with the electrical supply, and/or it may require precise and skilled repair to avoid further damage. 

Additionally, it is important to stay up-to-date on regular maintenance of things like your generator to avoid costly failures and replacements. For this reason, IBS offers dedicated generator repair and maintenance services. Our experienced and skilled electricians will ensure that your generator is running properly and address any issues as they arise. 

Frequent Electrical Issues in The Home

Probably the most significant reason to seek the services of a residential electrician is the experience of frequent electrical issues in your home. These issues might include flickering lights, fixtures that frequently fail to function, and system overloads requiring panel resets. These issues might be isolated, or they might indicate a bigger problem with your electrical system. While it may be challenging for an amateur to know the difference, our knowledgeable and experienced electricians will be able to diagnose the situation and offer the correct solution. 

We can install new and additional outlets if we determine that is what your home requires. Alternatively, if the issue is a deeper and broader one, we can provide new wiring throughout the home along with a full-service panel upgrade. No matter the scale, we will get the job done right with proper wiring and installation and no hazards to you and your family. 

Request a Free Quote For Milwaukee Residential Electrician Services

If you are experiencing a problem with your electrical appliance, electrical outlets, or your overall electrical supply, contact IBS today for Milwaukee residential electrician services. We will be happy to talk through the issue to learn more. Additionally, you can request a free quote on our electrical services. With a turnaround time of 48 hours on our service quotes, we can quickly get to addressing your electrical concerns and ensure the safety and functionality of your home!